Himalaya Liv 52


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Himalaya Liv 52

Himalaya Liv-52 is a awesome supplement which has been around for over 50 years!

During that time it has remained one of most popular liver detoxification supplements among bodybuilders! A particular fondness for this popularity existing among users of anabolic steroids.

It consists of natural ingredients which exhibit a hepatoprotective effect against chemically induced hepatoxicity. This as one example would be when taking a cycle of steroids. It works by supporting integrity of cels and maintaining good levels of the cytochrome P-450. Thats not all it also helps enable fast elimination of acetaldehyde! This makes it effective for eliminating the cause of alcohol induced hangovers.

It also acts as some form of liver protection to people who consume alcohol on a regular bases. Also people who take quite a number of tablets each week, e.g. for pain or prescription would benefit from using Himalaya Liv 52.

Among both the health conscious and bodybuilding community Liv 52 is often spoke of as the best of liver support supplement. While we would also recommend ingredients like TUDCA for those consuming hepatoxic compounds or drugs, Liv 52’s great price and effectiveness will see it as popular in years to come.


Himalaya Liv 52 100 tablets

Serving Size: 1-3 tablets taken with a meal

  • Himsra 65mg
  • Dasani 65mg
  • Mandur bhasma 33mg
  • Kasamarda 16mg
  • Biranjasipha 16mg
  • Jhavuka 16mg & Kasamarda 16mg
  • Arjuna 32mg



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